We connect students in need of internships with employers in need of interns.

Students in Need of Internships

Finding an internship with SOCHEintern is easy. One application will allow you to be considered for multiple internship programs. College students can apply for year-round and summer internship and co-op positions both on Wright Patterson Air Force Base (STEM) and with local employers. SOCHEintern also has high school internship opportunities in key industries.

Employers in Need of Interns

SOCHEintern leverages relationships with high schools, colleges, and universities across the United States to assist businesses in finding and employing interns at all levels (high school to post-doctoral). Each year, SOCHEintern receives hundreds of applications from highly qualified and motivated students seeking the opportunity to contribute to business success. SOCHEintern works with your business to customize an internship program that best fits your needs.
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