In 2020, over 1,600 students from 180 colleges and universities around the USA applied to SOCHEintern.

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About SOCHEintern

SOCHEintern is a turn-key internship program supporting both federal and local area key industries. We’re passionate about attracting, recruiting, and retaining the next generation of the workforce. We partner with you to support and manage your internship programming.

SOCHEintern handles your recruitment, applications, employee taxes, onboarding, orientation, hiring, and payroll. We can customize a program that best fits your needs.

​​Let us put our close relationships with educational institutions and our 30+ years of National recruiting and internship management to work for your organization.

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Begin the process of building your future workforce; complete the form on this page, or contact SOCHE at or (937) 258-8890.  A SOCHEintern representative will contact you to discuss your workforce needs.

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