How SOCHEintern Works in Detail

Step 1: Define Your Needs

  1. Your Designated Contact and the SOCHE Program Manager work together throughout the internship.
  2. Your Designated Contact provides SOCHE with a job description or key points identifying daily responsibilities, number of weekly hours, and preferred majors and areas of study for the internship.
  3. The SOCHE Program Manager uses this information to create an official job description for recruiting ideal candidates.

Step 2: Recruit Students

  1. The SOCHE Program Manager starts recruiting qualified students immediately, collects applications and resumes from promising candidates, conducts an initial screening, and refers the best matches to your Designated Contact.
  2. Your Designated Contact conducts the interviews, selects the one that best fits your needs, and informs the SOCHE Program Manager of the decision.

Step 3: Hire Your Intern

  1. The SOCHE Program Manager makes an offer to your chosen candidate and the student is hired as a SOCHE employee.
  2. The SOCHE Program Manager takes care of all human resources responsibilities including employee insurance, hiring paperwork, payroll duties, and timekeeping functions while you reap the benefits of having an intern on staff.
  3. We pay your intern bi-monthly and invoice your business once per month. The monthly cost depends on the number of hours your intern works, the intern pay rate, and a nominal administrative overhead fee.
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